Factory Info

Factory Buildings
Built in 1998, the Kiddieland factory comprises of the most state-of-the-art toy manufacturing facilities occupying over 60,000 sq.m. of covered area on a 90,000 sq.m. site in Dongguan China. Our vertically integrated plant was designed to maximize productivity by creating in-house peripheral support, such as spray-painting, pad-printing, metal, blister, and graphic works printing of various kinds. Furthermore, we supply ample living quarters with additional amenities such as football fields, basketball courts and running tracks to accommodate our  workers.


Assembly Lines Workshop
Approximately 1,300  workers are stationed on our air-conditioned plastic toy assembly lines. They are allocated into groups specializing in different types of products based on their previous training and skill set. Their outputs are regularly inspected by our team of experienced quality control officers before being shipped out to our end customers.


Soft Toys Department
Skilled labor is permanently assigned in the plush department where more than 130 sewing machines are utilized. The dedicated management staff has consistently been able to deliver exceptional value in our product offerings, thus our brand signifies superior workmanship and quality among our customers.


Injection Molding Department
With more than 180 injection, blow molding and rotational molding machines at various capacities, we are able to manufacture plastic toys of diverse scales. Our strength in maintaining pristine conditions on all our machines, coupled with our comprehensive operating procedures, have given us a competitive edge in producing precise and quality building blocks that eventually make up all our toys. In addition, a knowledgeable team of incoming QC's is available full-time to check on the molding conditions on all of our outputs.


Mold Making Department
New product development is one of our top priorities. The abilities to design and execute the mold production both promptly and cost-effectively are major ingredients to launch new products on time. Our large mold making department has achieved proven track records in the past to deliver reliably.